Autonomic Computing course in Barcelona by Omer F. Rana

2017-08-09T13:05:13+00:00 June 18th, 2007|

During last week Omer F. Rana from Cardiff University (U.K.) was hosted by our research group. Prof. Rana also gave a course in autonomic computing during his stay. The course was taught as part of the new Masters of Research, “Computer Architecture, Networks and Systems” (CANS), from the Computer Architecture department in UPC. The course was exciting and it’s safe to say the students enjoyed the excellent presentation and examples that Prof. Rana presented. For example, do you know what “Stigmergetic Behaviour” is? Or do you know the waggle and tremble dances of bees? Incredible course. If you have the opportunity to attend future editions don’t miss it! If you want more information about Professor Rana you could visit his web page at