Virtualization of servers and networks at the same time: an intelligent layer to manage the new complexity is required.

2017-08-09T13:04:14+00:00 November 29th, 2008|

According the debate in last class, let me talk about virtualisation. Virtualize the servers is not an end point. There are other parts of the IT infraestructure beyond servers in order to enable a more flexible and efficient IT environment: the network. Nowadays network components are also moving toward being virtualized enabling a dynamic virtual environments. There are already some products in the market that show how it is not just servers that can be virtualized and illustrates how the days of static infraestructure networks will soon be over. For example HP recently introduced the HP’s Virtual Connect architecture,  that enables the user to add more NICs to each server blade without more hardware and provides the ability to dynamically adjust bandwidth for each network connection on the fly. HP product details [...]

Using online simulation to improve QoS on middleware

2017-08-09T13:04:20+00:00 November 5th, 2008|

Last week Ramon Nou did the PhD presentation obtaining the maximum mark. The thesis introduces  real-time simulation for self-managed grid middleware.  Part of the work have been done in collaboration with  Samuel Kounev and is framed in the BSC research area. Congratulation to Ramon for their excellent work. Here you can find the PDF file of the PhD dissertation (in Spanish).