Google EMEA Faculty Summit, 10-12 February 2009, Zurich

2017-08-09T13:04:13+00:00 February 14th, 2009|

Google organized the 2009 Google EMEA Faculty Summit. It was an oportunity to learn more about Google and a great opportunity to share our experience amongst Googlers and other colleagues from EMEA area, and learn about new ideas from other participants. Google invited two professors from Barcelona: Ricard Gavaldà and me. We had the oportunity to listen Nelson Mattos (VP Engineering EMEA) and Alfred Spector (VP Engineering, Research) among others Googlers. I also participate in a panel discussion on the topic “Resource Management for Distributed Systems” together with one other participant, two Google engineering directors, and Marcel van Lohuizen, who gives the tech talk in the morning session. We also discused with some of the Google engineers our ideas about Cloud Computing and Green Computing. I hope to be invited [...]