New Green ICT-GreenIT Conferences list

2017-08-09T13:03:15+00:00 October 31st, 2009|

BSC and UPC is participating in the “GreenIT conference List” This list of relevant conferences focused on green computing and energy-aware computer and network architectures and technologies, or containing tracks on these topics can be found at: Hopefully the page will serve to improve research in this area. Contributors on this CFP web page and help keep it updated: Laurent Lefevre (INRIA), Jean-Marc Pierson (IRIT) , Kirk Cameron (Virginia Tech) , Ricardo Bianchini (Rutgers) , Partha Ranganathan (HP) , Luiz Andre Barroso (Google) , Jeff Kephart (IBM) , Hermann de Meer (U. PASSAU) , Karsten Schwan (Georgia Tech) , Randy H. Katz (Berkeley) , Rong Ge (Marquette) , David Hutchison (Lancaster) , Ethan L. Miller (UC Santa Cruz) , James Hamilton (Amazon) , Kirk Pruhs (Pittsburgh) [...]