An introduction to Data Science

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In my current course CLC-MIRI I will talk about Data Science. Data Science is the emerging area of work/research concerned with the collection, preparation, analysis, visualization, management, processing, storage and preservation of large collections of data. I hope that my students will enjoy this part, because acording the Harvard Business Review, data scientist will be the sexiest job of the 21st century!!! :-).  Although we will only include in the course part of Data Science area related with the storage, processing, management and analysis. However I will refer to the new book by Jeffrey Stanton from Syracuse University for more general overview of the Data Science area. I post this book link because I think that it is very interesting for my blog readers. I hope you enjoy it. [...]

Are you interested to join our research group? International PhD program fellowships BSC-La Caixa

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If yes, please check the "International PhD program fellowships BSC-La Caixa". If you could be interested  to join my group through this program to work in the Big Data and Cloud Computing, please contact me at   Closing Date:  Thursday, 7 March, 2013 (Extended deadline) . . Job Description:  Since 1982, the “la Caixa” Foundation has offered several fellowship programmes aimed at allowing students to undertake postgraduate studies in Spain and abroad. Over the years, thousands of students have advanced their training thanks to a “la Caixa” Foundation fellowship. In 2008, the “la Caixa Foundation launched a new programmed aimed at national and international students. As part of this programme, each year fellowships are awarded to students who wish to complete work toward their doctoral degrees. [...]

Big Data en el newsletter de la UPC Barcelona Tech

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Hace un par de semanas el departamento de prensa de la UPC Barcelona Tech se puso en contacto para redactar un artículo en su sección "respostes" (respuestas) del newsletter Informacions (en catalán) de la UPC Barcelona Tech dedicado a explicar a toda la comunidad académica de la UPC nuevos concepto que van apareciendo en nuestro entorno académico-científico. Evidentemente ya le ha tocado al concepto de "Big Data", ¡Un gran acierto desde mi punto de vista!. Felicito a la periodista por su capacidad de sintetizar la idea en tan pocas palabras teniendo en cuenta la cantidad de información que le di (¡lo siento Esther!).  En este link pueden encontrar el PDF y adjunto el texto (original y traducido).         Què és el ‘big data’? Avui [...]