Companies enter our UPC master courses: Yahoo, BigML, TSS

2017-08-09T12:41:40+00:00 May 30th, 2013|

In a couple of weeks we will finish our exciting CLC-MIRI research master course included in the  UPC Master in Innovation and Research in Informatics  (specialization Computer Networks and Distributed Systems). With Leandro Navarro and myself we wanted to introduce new execution environments needed to manage the computing resources and simplify the development and integration of the different types of applications and services at today Internet-scale systems.  I'm in charge of the Big Data part and I had the opportunity to invite some colleagues from industry to explain their experience to my students in this area. Thank you all of them: Aleix Ruiz, Albert Bifet and Jao. Gràcies! Today is time for Jao from BigML, and as he posted at BigML blog, you are invited to attend. [...]