Python Quick Start

November 30th, 2013|

¿Cómo empezar a programar en Big Data-Hadoop?

November 15th, 2013|

Nuevo curso de Cloud Computing & Big Data

November 14th, 2013|

New position in Big Data area at BSC

November 12th, 2013|

Our research group at BSC is opening 1 Positions as a Junior Developper in Big Data area Our Autonomic Systems and e-Business Platforms  research group offers a transversal junior developer position to work both on the Human Brain project and under the Severo Ochoa programme. Human Brain is a project funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union that aims to build completely new information computing technology infrastructure for neuroscience and for brain-related research. Under the Severo Ochoa programme, the BSC is carrying out multidisciplinary research to address the complex challenges in the path towards Exascale computing, co-developing energy efficient and high performance hardware and software platforms with applications in personalised medicine, modeling of human organs, and global models for climate change and air quality [...]