Congratulations for ten years of science at BSC

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Various representatives from scientific, political and industrial fields congratulated BSC for its 10th anniversary.  BSC produced a video that includes 26 testimonials (listed in speaking order): Andreu Mas-Colell, Carmen Vela, Antoni Brufau, Pedro Morenés, Bernard Bigot, John Hennessy, Yang Yuanquing, Lino Barañao, Rajeeb Hazra, Valentí Fuster, Jen-Hsun Huang, Michele Parrinello, Erich Clementi, Juan Ignacio Cirac, Orlando Ayala, Álvaro Giménez, John R. White, Antoni Massanell, Irene Qualters, Masahiko Yamada, Philippe Vannier, Joan Massagué, Carlos Moedas, Artur Mas and Mariano Rajoy. I am proud to share it with you! :-)

Quin llibre regalar per Sant Jordi?

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Quin llibre regalar per Sant Jordi? Aquest any em permeto recomanar un parell d'excellents llibres de dos grans amics de qui se'n pot apendre molt: "El mestre" de Màrius Mollà i "La Font Picant d'Argentona"  d'en Pep Padrós.  No en dubteu, l'encertareu! "El mestre", també en castellà "El Maestro" és de l'escriptor Màrius Molla, una apassionant novel·la sobre els somnis que ens mantenen vius, els vells ideals que mai no s'obliden i la força de la canalla per canviar el món.  En Màrius ja porta diverses obres publicades. L'any 2010 sota el pseudònim Andrés Vidal ja va publicar amb l'editorial Planeta la seva primera novel·la. Amb aquell mateix perfil va firmar posteriorment dues novel·les més l'any 2012 i l'any 2013. En altres segells de l'editorial van néixer Eduardo Roca i Víctor Amat, dos heterònims que fins ara [...]

What we mean by Cognitive Computing

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We are entering a new era in computing that departs form the current model of computing as process automation to provide a collaborative platform for discovery to gain actionable insights. To do so, research community are including advanced analytics tools in the systems middleware to offer predictive models . Thanks to the advent of Big Data these models can be improved, or “trained”, by exposing them to large data sets that were previously unavailable. The general idea is that instead of instructing a computer what to do, we are going to simply throw data at the problem and tell the computer to figure it out itself.  For this purpose the computer middleware takes functions from the brain like: inference, prediction, correlation, abstraction, … giving to the systems to possibility to do [...]

Cognitive Computing: Benefits and Challenges of Next Tech Revolution

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Today THE DIGITAL POST have published an article from Mateo Valero and Jordi Torres!  We present the benefits and challenges of  "Cognitive Computing". For today world it is required a continuous development of supercomputing systems enabling the convergence of advanced analytic algorithms and big data technologies driving new insights based on the massive amounts of available data. This will be one of the strategic areas in the next future at BSC. We refer to this as  “Cognitive Computing” (others use Smart Computing, Intelligent Computing, etc.). Enclosed you will find a copy of the article. We hope that this could help you to understand the new computing wave! that makes context computable with systems that embed predictive capabilities, providing the right functionality and content at the right time, for the right application, by continuously learning about [...]

New developer position at BSC in our research group

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The Autonomic Systems and e-Business Platforms group from the Computer Science Department at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC-CNS) under the collaboration agreement with CA Technologies is offering a developer position. The project will be developed in close collaboration with industrial partners. CLOSING DATE:  Thursday, 30 April, 2015 Key Duties The position is aimed to contribute to the design and development of a framework for corporate databases (mail data, human resources data, servers logs, etc.) integration and mining Requirements Education BS or above in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Telecommunications Engineering. Knowledge The position requires knowledge of python, javascript, NoSQL queries but previous experience with big data visualization, data mining tools and spark is a plus. Good level of English is required (and understand spoken Spanish or Catalan). [...]

Deep Learning Senior position at BSC in Barcelona

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We are looking for an excellent and highly motivated senior candidate to join our research group to work in "Deep Learning" area with an ICREA position to reinforce the Cognitive Computing group. The ICREA position is not compatible with a part time permanent contract outside the Catalan research system. Scholars with a permanent position in the Catalan research system for longer than 24 months on the deadline of this call will not be accepted as candidates. Successful candidates are expected to join the host institution no later than September 2016. Minimum requirements are a Ph.D. degree obtained preferably before 2011, with at least four years of international exposure at pre-doctoral and/or post-doctoral level. Only very strong candidates with an outstanding research record and excellent leadership capabilities will be considered. Applications [...]

Integración de Apache Spark y Cassandra en Barcelona

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Para el próximo Barcelona Spark Meetup hemos preparado una presentación del trabajo que estamos llevando a cabo en nuestro grupo de investigación en el BSC con Spark. Aprovecharemos para contar las última “news” del Spark Summit 2015 del próximo Marzo que se celebra en New York donde el BSC presenta la ponencia “multi-modal big data analysis within the Spark ecosystem in Marenostrum supercomputer” además de contar también nuestra experiencia de colaboración con el departamento de aplicaciones del BSC (CASE) utilizando Apache Spark y Cassandra para optimizar el acceso a su repositorio de datos de simulaciones realizadas con el software Alya. La Charla irá a cargo de Cesare Cugnasco, ingeniero de investigación del Barcelona Supercomputing Center el próximo Miercoles 8 de Abril del 2015 a las 19:00 de la tarde en ITNIG (C/àlaba 61, 5-2. Barcelona - map). Como [...]

Décimo aniversario del BSC: Hoy computar, mañana computar cognitivamente

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Esta semana se ha celebrado el décimo aniversario del Barcelona Supercomputing Center-Centro Nacional de Supercomputación (BSC-CNS) en el que asistieron más de 500 personas entre personal del centro e invitados del ámbito político, científico e industrial. Un acto que sirvió para confirmar la voluntad del centro de seguir trabajando al servicio de la ciencia y la sociedad. Entre muchas otras personalidades participaron en el acto la secretaria de Estado de I+D+i, Carmen Vela; el conseller de Economía de la Generalitat de Catalunya, Andreu Más-Collel; la secretaria general de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación, Maria Luisa Poncela; el rector de la Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Enric Fossas;  Antoni Castellà, secretari d' Universitats i Recerca de Catalunya; el alcalde de Barcelona, Xavier Trias; o el presidente de Repsol, Antonio Brufau. El BSC-CNS, [...]