¿Cómo puede mejorar el “internet de las cosas” metrópolis como Barcelona?

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El Internet de las Cosas ya está aquí y, sin duda, ha venido para quedarse. A pesar de que para mucha gente sea invisible y aún no sea consciente de ello, ya está aquí y nos acompaña a todas partes. Básicamente se trata de tres cosas: conectar miles de millones de objetos (sensores, ropa, coches, relojes, maquinaria, etc.); recoger la información que estos han obtenido; y analizar esta información para extraer conocimiento. Se calcula que 50 mil millones de computadoras, teléfonos inteligentes y sensores de todo tipo estarán conectados a través de internet en 2020, hecho que augura un mercado de miles de millones. Sus aplicaciones son muy diversas, y una de ellas es conseguir unas ciudades más sostenibles. Un objetivo muy de actualidad y que afecta [...]

Big Data Analytics and Bikes: Tour de France

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Are you a fan of le Tour de France?. For the first time in Tour de France history, all riders racing in this year’s event have GPS on their bikes (placed under each rider’s bicycle seat). The data collected from this device includes:  the stage winner’s top speed, average speed and time per kilometer;  the fastest riders up key climbs; the speed of the winner at the finish line; the top speed achieved by a rider on the day; average speed across all riders; among others With this information the global service provider Dimension Data provides real-time information on each of the 200 riders as they travel 3,360 kilometers  in 21 stages. For instance, do you now that for the first 11 stages we know that (source): The highest speed [...]

Learning Bayesian Networks and Neural Networks in Madrid

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Due research in my group requires incorporate knowledge of Machine Learning, for some time I have been getting in this discipline thanks to Ricard Gavaldà, among others colleagues. Right now I was looking for a more specific training course on Neural Networks and Bayesian Networks. Thanks to Jesús Cerquides, co-advisor of our PhD Student Joan Capdevila, I discovered the “Advanced Statistics and Data Mining Summer School” and I decided take 2 courses. This summer school is organized by the Artificial Intelligence Department  of the School of Computer Science at Univ. Politécnica de Madrid (This year they celebrate its 10th edition). I would like to thank the organisers for this great and useful summer school. I was impressed by the lecturers and the practical parts in both courses. I learned a [...]

“Big Data Analytics and Apache Spark”

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Enclosed you will find the slides of my conference "Big Data Analytics and Apache Spark" held at UPC on June 15th. This conference is one of the  1st anniversary  events of our of Barcelona Spark Meetup!. The presentation was already distributed to the attendees but here I leave a copy for those who could not come and are interested in its content  (We are already over 800 members!). I hope you find the slides useful.  (PDF Link) Two pictures of the event: (thank you  Nacho!):