Machine Learning Meetup in Barcelona: 1000+ members!!!

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I am very glad to inform you that we were awarded with the prestigious new tag “1000+ members”!!!!! The Grup d’Estudis de Machine Learning de Barcelona (GEMLeB - Machine Learning meetup in Barcelona), is an organization devoted to understand, discover and promote the use of Machine Learning in Barcelona, through an informal environment. As many other machine learning meetups, regular meetings are organized with a two-fold objective: learn about machine learning (from experiences, applications to algorithms, models and theory) and meet people with similar interest to build a wide and supporting community. If you ever come to Barcelona and want to meet the community, please do not hesitate to contact us! On behalf of the organisers, thank you for your support to this meetup! Aleix Ruiz De Villa, Anna [...]

Deep Learning at UPC with Oriol Vinyals & Joan Bruna

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Today we had a great event, the first seminar on Deep Learning organised by UPC, TelecomBCN, FIB, CFIS and BSC. Thanks Joan and Oriol, It has been impressive!  Enclosed you will find some pictures of his visit! Here you can download the slides of Joan Bruna and here the video of the talk. As soon as I receive the presentation of Oriol I will post the links here too. Huge audience! (photo Sebastià Xambó) (photo Joan Bruna) (photo GabrielOliveira) Two great speakers: (photo Sebastià Xambó) (photos Joan Capdevila) (photos Jordi Torres) Presenters: (photos Joan Capdevila) Meetings with UPC students:(photo Xavier Giro-i-Nieto) Marenostrum visit: (photo Jordi Torres) With (his) former Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics (photo Sebastià Xambó)

The Machine Learning Summer School 2016

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One of the great things at BSC-CNIS is that there's always something new to learn  in order to respond to a fast-paced world; you can't really fall into a set routine if the goal of the center is to be always ahead. It is true that my role has changed: I don't write code that ends up with packages at BSC-CNS, I have a higher-level view, however spend some time learning is mandatory. For Computer Science department at BSC-CNS it is important to gradually go beyond the supercomputing architectures and runtimes research habitual fields.  We have been recently incorporated new threads of research in the execution middleware’s for big data arena. However my goal at BSC-CNS is to make a step forward and include in our research roadmap platforms for Machine Learning on [...]

Seminar on Deep Learning at UPC with Oriol Vinyals and Joan Bruna

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We (UPC, TelecomBCN, FIB, CFIS and BSC) are proud to invite you to our first seminar on Deep Learning organized at UPC, next May 23th at 11:00, with the talks of two outstanding speakers: Joan Bruna (UC Berkeley) and Oriol Vinyals (Google DeepMind). Do not miss this great event happening in Barcelona.  And if you are interested in Deep Learning, we are also preparing  a Deep Learning for Computer Vision Summer Seminar  in Barcelona next 4-8 July 2016 ( more info at  http://TelecomBCN.DeepLearning.Barcelona). UPDATE: Photographs of the event here When: Monday  May 23, 11:00-13:00 Place: Aula Màster -  A3 building - UPC Campus Nord - Barcelona Talks: 11:00: Convolutional Neural Networks against the Curse of Dimensionality by Joan Bruna (UC Berkeley).  Convolutional Neural Networks are a powerful class of non-linear representations that have shown through numerous [...]

CaixaBank y el BSC investigarán la aplicación de la computación cognitiva a la innovación financiera

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Esta semana en el BSC-CNS hemos podido materializar un primer acuerdo de colaboración con CaixaBank para promover conjuntamente el desarrollo de sistemas High-Performance Big-Data Analytics basados en Deep Learning para mejorar el servicio a sus clientes y optimizar la eficiencia operativa en sus servicios bancarios. Estoy extremadamente contento, es mi primer proyecto gestionado con mi rol de Senior Innovation Advisor del BSC-CNS. Espero contarles desde este blog futuros avances en los que podamos ganar todos. De momento más detalle lo pueden encontrar en nuestra nota de prensa.

DeepMind moves to TensorFlow. Great!

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This is great news for my book! It confirms that TensorFlow is a good choice for you too! For nearly four years, the open source Torch7 machine learning library has served as primary research platform at DeepMind.  Now it is time of TensorFlow. You can know more details in this post at Google Research Blog.  

‘MareNostrum’: la supercomputadora capaz de realizar 1.100 billones de operaciones por segundo

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Hoy en El País en su sección "protagonistas One" de su canal de youtube presentan una entrevista titulada "'MareNostrum': la supercomputadora capaz de realizar 1.100 billones de operaciones por segundo" en que me han ascendido al cargo de "Investigador jefe del Barcelona Supercomputing Center". Cuando se entere mi jefe creo que se acabó la historia!  :-). Pero habrá valido la pena estos minutos de gloria hasta que me echen, porque creo que ha quedado un documento fantástico que aporta valor, a pesar que fue una entrevista que me costo un poco, dado el "aquí te pillo, aquí te mato" (o simplemente despiste mío de no saber a donde iba. Ya ven, me pillaron con ropa de trabajo, sin traje ni corbata! :-( ). Sin duda el mérito es del equipo [...]