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New Deep Learning for Artificial Intelligence MSc course in Barcelona

July 7th, 2017|

Deep Learning for Artificial Intelligence Master Course at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Autumn 2017) Deep learning technologies are at the core of the current revolution in artificial intelligence for multimedia data analysis. The convergence of large-scale annotated datasets and affordable GPU hardware has allowed the training of neural networks for data analysis tasks which were previously addressed with hand-crafted features. Architectures such as convolutional neural networks, recurrent neural networks or Q-nets for reinforcement learning have shaped a brand new scenario in signal processing. This course will cover the basic principles of deep learning from both an algorithmic and computational perspectives.  Complete learning systems in different Deep Learning frameworks and platforms [...]

Marenostrum 4 will come in production on July 1st

June 29th, 2017|

  Today, Sergi Girona, Operations Director at BSC,  inform as that on July 1st  MareNostrum 4 will come in real production for the first research projects that uses the general purpose block of Marenostrum 4. Great new!  I want to thanks the Operations department for their maratonian work.MareNostrum IV peak power is 11.15 Petaflops, or what is the same, it is able to perform more than eleven thousand trillion operations per second, ten times more than the MareNostrum3, which was installed between 2012 and 2013. Although its power is ten times greater than that of its predecessor, it only increases energy consumption by a 30% and now is of 1.3 MWatt/year.It have two distinct parts: General [...]

Cursa BTT Repicacorriols d’Argentona

June 24th, 2017|

Aquest  juny finalment hem tingut la cursa de BTT  Repicacorriols 2017 a Argentona, un gran èxit, sens dubte. Feia temps que en Piu ens perseguia amb l'idea de tornar a muntar una cursa de BTT com la que vàrem organitzar al 1990 una colla d'amics. Aleshores varen ser 20 km de recorregut amb sortida i arribada a la Plaça Nova (foto: Organitzadors de la cursa el 10 de juny de 1990). En Piu, el de vermell a la foto del 1990, ha sabut engrescar una munió de amics i amigues per a fer realitat la 27 anys més tard. En Piu sap fer equip!. Però gens fàcil ha estat aconseguir que fos realitat la cursa, i per això aconsello llegir [...]

Primeros pasos en Keras

June 20th, 2017|

Keras es una librería de Python que proporciona de manera limpia y sencilla la creación de una gama de modelos de Deep Learning encima de otras librerías TensorFlow, Theano o CNTK. Keras fue desarrollado y es mantenido por François Chollet, un ingeniero de Google, y su código ha sido liberado bajo la licencia permisiva del MIT. Características básicas de Keras (*) Desconozco si fue la intención de François Chollet, pero personalmente valoro la austeridad y simplicidad que presenta este modelo de programación, sin adornos y maximizando la legibilidad. Permite expresar redes neuronales de una manera muy modular, considerando un modelo como una secuencia o un solo grafo. Una buena [...]

First contact with Keras

June 18th, 2017|

. . Keras is a Python library that provides a clean and convenient way to create a range of deep learning models on top of  powerful libraries such as TensorFlow, Theano or CNTK. Keras was developed and maintained by François Chollet, a Google engineer and it is released under the permissive MIT license. Basic features of Keras (*) I do not know if it was Chollet's intention, but I value his austerity and simplicity, without frills approach and maximizing readability. It makes it possible to express neural networks in a very modular way, considering a model as a sequence or a graph alone. A good approximation to my understanding, because the [...]

Democratización del Deep Learning: su potencial al alcance de todos

June 2nd, 2017|

En 10 años, cuatro de las cinco empresas más grandes del mundo por capitalización de mercado han cambiado.  Exxon Mobil, General Electric, Citigroup y Shell Oil están fuera y Apple, Alphabet (la compañía matriz de Google), Amazon y Facebook han tomado su lugar. Solo Microsoft mantiene su posición.   Ya se han percatado que todas ellas son empresas  que dominan la nueva era digital en que nos encontramos inmersos. Estamos hablando de empresas que basan su poderío en inteligencia artificial en general, y en particular Deep Learning. Acuñada la palabra en 1950 por John McCarthy, la Inteligencia Artificial existe desde hace décadas. Sin embargo, el progreso ha sido limitado hasta ahora porque [...]

TensorFlow counterattacks to Caffe2

May 4th, 2017|

Few days ago appeared Caffe2 as a new player on the scene of Deep Learning frameworks with impressive performance scaling results on DGX-1. Tonight, Tensorflow shown the same numbers and the GitHub code to prove it yourself: My last post finished with this Q&A: "Will Caffe2 steal the supremacy that TensorFlow has right now? I do not have a crystal ball. My opinion is that It seems not easy, but it is the only one that could be a competitor for Google especially in the production arena in companies. We will see it soon, because Facebook has to hurry, the window of time to get it will be very small." Let me add: The window is about to close [...]

Caffe2: A new player on the scene of Deep Learning frameworks

April 25th, 2017|

Few days ago Facebook announced Caffe2, a new open-source, cross-platform framework for deep learning. They say that Caffe2 is the successor to Caffe ( really?), the deep learning framework developed by Berkeley AI Research and community contributors. Caffe2’s GitHub page describes it as “an experimental refactoring of Caffe that allows a more flexible way to organize computation.” As my readers know, when appeared TensorFlow I decided to pay attention to it because it could change the scene of DL/AI frameworks. Now, we are in the same situation, Caffe2 could change the current scene that Francesc Sastre, one of my master students,  build for his master thesis:  "Frameworks popularity evolution in GitHub" No questions, right? Facebook [...]

Artificial Intelligence & Barça

March 22nd, 2017|

Ayer participé en la jornada de formación interna “Ciencia y Tecnología aplicada", dirigida a directivos del área de innovación y cuerpo técnico del FC Barcelona, hablando de Inteligencia Artificial. En la sesión también participó Josep Lladós, director del Centre de Visió per Computador (CVC) y José Ignacio Latorre, catedrático de Física Cuántica de la Universitat de Barcelona.  Fantásticas presentaciones las de Josep y José Ignacio. Viéndolos, uno se da cuenta de lo mucho que siempre queda por aprender. Espero que la gente del Barça sacara valor de los contenidos de la jornada. Gracias por invitar al BSC-CNS. Tal como me comprometí adjunto (un poco tarde 😉 ) las transparencias de la presentación.  También adjunto unas fotos [...]