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A thing that truly excites me now is to be the spark that arouses minds, in order to be ready for the changes ahead. In particular helping people to understand the new Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning powered society that is approaching.

I have always been interested be aware of next generation technology and its impact, and now it’s the turn of the AI. This has already been reflected in the redirection towards these issues of my current research. And it will also have its impact on teaching: during next 2017/18 academic year all my courses are shifting in the direction of including knowledge coming from Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning (DL) areas.

The value creation and the demand for AI and DL skills is so clear, and teachers can not stay only inside the walls of the university. There are many people who are already out of the university system that need a lifelong learning to understand the AI & DL revolution. My purpose is to help to spread this knowledge among people who want to expand their wisdom. I think that knowledge is liberation and should be accessible to all.

For this reason, from now on I will work on different initiatives dedicated to disseminating science/technology knowledge outside the walls of the university. I think where I can contribute more is in the early stages, arousing minds; then it will be people choice to go deeper into what they need. Those who know me, know that science/technology dissemination are one of my passions. It energizes and motivates me to keep learning.

I hope we can build altogether an AI-powered society that improves every person’s life. Although it is true that the outlook of near future presents uncertainty and risks because the AI technology. However, while we’re discovering the problems that will appear, as a society we should work on creating the solution as well, which I’m convinced it is going to be possible If we achieve a better understanding of all these concepts by everyone.