aeneasNon-relational databases arise as a solution to solve the scalability problems of relational databases when dealing with big data applications. Since they are highly configurable, their performance is heavily affected by user decisions. To maximize performance, many different data models and queries must be analyzed, in order to then choose the best fit. This requires performing a wide range of test that can cause productivity issues.

We are glad to announce the open sourcing of Aeneas, a tool to support the design of data management code for applications using non-relational databases created at BSC. Aeneas provides an easy and fast methodology to support the decision about how to organize and retrieve data in order to improve the performance.

You can download the code from and  modify it, improving it and collaborate with its developing! In the repository, there is  also a short introduction of the framework and a brief “quick start” for newcomer users. We decide to release, with the stable trunk, also the unstable and under-developing one in the hope to have community feedback.

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