BarcelonaSparkMeetupLogoToday, Barcelona Spark Meetup announces changes in its leadership team. Joan Capdevila, a current co-organizer, will be appointed new head organizer to accommodate the rapid growth of our meetup. Ferran Galí, a member from the very first beginning, will join the leadership team as a co-organizer in the area of Big Data platforms. The former head organizer, Jordi Torres, will remain a while longer in the team as co-organizer centering his activity in the area of Advanced Analytics.

This change is motivated by the fact that Apache Spark is growing beyond its limits with more technologies seeking integration with it. The new leadership will guide this period where our meetup members not only wants to follow the innovation coming from Apache Spark community, but they also hope to be updated about related technologies that appears in this arena.

Joan Capdevila Pujol is particularly interested in scaling up Machine Learning in the era of Big Data through large-scale data processing platforms. He is currently conducting research in this area as a PhD student at UPC and associate researcher at BSC. He has also worked at the industry sector developing Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions. He takes on this new role willing to contribute to the local community with the latest Spark trends out of its labs.

Ferran Galí i Reniu is passionate about web scale distributed systems. Working on Big Data technologies for several years he gained expertise solving problems that require a massive amount of data processing. Architecting the deployment of Hadoop on a cluster of machines, developing new solutions or playing data scientist to make the business thrilling are some of the day-to-day tasks he has to deal with. Right now he is working in Trovit building the best search engine for classified ads.

Jordi Torres i Viñals is the former head organizer of this meetup that works as a professor at UPC and BSC. His current principal activity involves explore the HPC/BigData computing convergence and its application to Big Data analytics and Cognitive Computing challenges.  He will grow the area of Advanced Analytics  in this meetup and establish good collaborations  beyond Spark Apache world.

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