compss_vertical_1The Grid Computing and Clusters group of Barcelona Supercomputing Center is proud to announce the release of COMPSs version 1.2 during Supercomputing Conference 2014. COMPSs is a framework for easily implement distributed applications.

This release implements the following main features:

* N implementations for task methods, each with its own constraints.

* Constraint-aware resource management.

* Support for multicore tasks.

* Pluggable schedulers: facilitate the addition of new schedulers and policies.

* Extended support for objects in C/C++ binding.

* Extended IDE for N implementations and deployment through PMES.

* Update cloud connector for rOCCI to work with rocci-cli v4.2.5.

* Enhance rOCCI connector to compute the real VM creation times.

* Extended resources schema to support Virtual Appliances pricing.

* New LSF GAT adaptor.

For more details and downloads please visit COMPSs webpage:

Install the IDE through the Eclipse Marketplace:

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