Talking about Cognitive Computing Platforms with Barcelona GSE Master Data Science Students

March 9th, 2015|

Last week I gave a conference to Master Data Science students at Barcelona Graduated School of Economics.  We started talking about Big Data, the newest and one of the most exciting technologies currently available to business and society.  We pay attention that the technology is often so subtle that people have no idea that big data is actually helping make their lives easier. The talk was centered to the advent of new technologies as cognitive computing, that will have the potential to augment our reasoning capabilities and empower us to make better informed real-time decision.  Undoubtedly Cognitive Computing will change the way we work and live. Gaston Besanson was the organiser. I enjoyed being with you. Thank you Gaston for this gift! You can download the complete presentation (54 slides) from this link.

Free online courses in AI & ML

December 14th, 2014|

Some of my colleagues asked to me for a recommendation for a free online course in AI or ML. There are several excellent free online courses in AI & ML. I'm not probably the best advisor in this area. What I can share is that I have partially followed the lectures of these three professors and it helped me: Stanford: Andrew Ng MIT: Henry Winston CalTech: Yaser Abu-Mostafa   Hope this information may help your self-learning extracurricular activity! POST UPDATE: A list of MOOC courses can be found at (try with tags as Artificial-Intelligence, Machine-Learning, ...)