In order to be able to do this, computer software needs to imitate brain functions such as: inference, prediction, correlation and abstraction, giving the systems the possibility to do this by themselves. This explains the use of the word “cognitive” to describe this new computing. These reasoning capabilities, the complexity of the data, and the time to value expectations are driving the need for a new class of supercomputer systems. A lot of research is still necessary in order to integrate the best Analytics knowledge with new Big Data technologies and the awesome power of emerging computational systems in order to interpret massive amounts of heterogenous data at an unprecedented rate.

We have seen tremendous technological innovation in the supercomputers space over the past years. BSC has already contributed with impressive innovations. There is still a long road ahead and Cognitive Computing is an opportunity that we cannot let escape. We look forward to the challenge of continuing to position BSC as an essential facilitator and practitioner of excellent data intensive science and innovation.

Mateo Valero, BSC Director and Jordi Torres, Group Manager at BSC.