nacho-navarroI’m very sad to share with you in this blog the passing of my friend and colleague Nacho Navarro. Few days ago Nacho suddenly died from a heart attack at the age of 58. I’m sure that many of the readers of this blog remember Nacho. Nacho was a wonderful person and an exemplary member of our university community. First of all, my sincere condolences to Nacho’s family and friends. However, Nacho has left a great legacy and for this reason BSC and UPC are organizing a homage event for Nacho. It will be an “in memoriam” event next Friday March 18th, at 15:00, in Vertex building, UPC, Placa Eusebi Guell 6, Barcelona. It will consist of many small interventions, with sharings, experiences, anecdotes, we have had with Nacho along all these years. In case you have a contribution to share during the session, please let us know it (sending an email to, Xavier Martorell). And please let us also know that you will be able to attend the homage of Nacho.

BSC have also prepared a website to leave messages remembering Nacho:


Let me share with you some images of  Nacho’s memory. I started teaching with the Operating Systems team led by Nacho. We had a great time together!

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 10.30.30

And also a great time with all the Computer Architecture department colleagues!


Nacho always made time to help to organise activities for us, not only academic activities. Everybody in my department at UPC remembers the “Dacmarxa” (2003, 1999, 1998) per la ruta de les fonts d’Argentona.


dac99 dac98

And Nacho always puts a good mood in everything we did together.  For example, few weeks ago in my las picture with him (1/feb/2016). We will miss Nacho enormously.


[in catalan] I la meva darrera fotografia que m’agradaria compartir en aquest blog, en memòria seva i en la de molts altres amics i amigues que ja no estan entre nosaltres tot i que sí en la nostra memòria.  Un record de la meva festa de 25è aniversari al Castell de Burriac, amb la companyia d’en Nacho. Gràcies Nacho per ser-hi sempre fent-nos costat!


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