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The Research Group Autonomic Systems and eBusiness Platforms at Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), invites outstanding candidates to apply for a full-time PhD position under “Becas de posgrado de La Caixa”  grants (link) or “International PhD Program Fellowship BSC La Caixa” grants (link). The PhD work will focus on Deep Learning and High Performance Computing for computer vision.

PhD project description

Deep learning has changed the scape of computer vision and artificial intelligence. Current research in these areas has shown the possibility of creating tools that are able to recognize thousands of objects, or automatically describe the content in an image. For example, Google Brain approach to automatic captioning is able to reliably describe many complex images using this basic queues. However, human understanding of images is far more elaborated. Humans do not describe images just by enumerating the objects that appear in the image, or the spatial relationship among them. Many queues we use are related to the visual content but are not visual predictions. For example, an image may transmit the emotion of fear, or danger, or simply the notion of beauty. These concepts emerge at a higher abstraction level of interpretation of the image.

In this project we want to explore higher knowledge abstraction layers related to images and understand what are the key components and visual elements that make these relevant to the observer. The PhD research plan will be formulated within this escenario embracing High Performance Computing facilities availables at BSC-CNS . Nonetheless, the exact research problem will be defined together with the student based on his/her background and interests.

Our research group will give support to prepare a good candidature for only one candidate in the competition for each grants (“Becas de posgrado de La Caixa” and “International PhD Program Fellowship BSC La Caixa”).

Skills Specifications:

The candidate should prove, in addition to the good academic record required to overcome the competitive selection of these fellowships, a significant number of the following knowledge / skills:

  • Excellent programming skills with different languages (Python, Scala, Java, etc.) and Linux environments
  • Knowledge in statistics
  • Knowledge in design and analysis of algorithms
  • Knowledge in Machine Learning (and Deep Learning)
  • Knowledge in highly distributed environments for Big Data
  • Ability to work independently and in a team
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • High level of English

Conditions & Benefits:

More detail about conditions and benefits for each grant can be found through the two following links:

Interested candidates:

In you are interested, please, contact us at as soon as possible and not later than February 17th. The closing date is February 29th, however it is necessary more than one week to prepare a good application. Please submit your CV and a motivation letter  in the first email. We will answer as soon as possible.  Thank you for your interest.

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