manishcourse1Last week Prof. Manish Parashar (Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Rutgers University , New Jersey) was in Barcelona invited by our research group.

During his stay we discussed various themes of research in the area of Autonomic Computing and we have detected some possible areas for collaboration that should be explored from now on. On top of that, I’m thankful for the opportunity that Professor Parashar has given us to compare and contrast with him what the future of Autonomic Computing will be. We agreed that the discipline is cross-sectional and that in the near future it will become a part of many areas of current research.

During his stay Professor Parashar also gave a course, as a continuation of Omer F. Rana’s, in the area of Autonomic Computing. In the same way as the course from Omer F. Rana, it was taught as part of the new Masters of Research, “Computer Architecture, Networks and Systems” (CANS), from the Computer Architecture department in UPC. The title of the course was “Autonomic Computing: Concepts, Infrastructures and Applications” and was divided in three parts: (a) Overview, Motivations, Concepts (b) Approaches and Infrastructures (c) Realizations and Applications.

Like the course from Omer F. Rana, this course was impressive and the students enjoyed it very much with him. Whatsmore the students could contrast with Parashar some of his ideas on their respective doctorate works.

If you want more information about Professor Manish Parashar you can visit his web page at

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