How to Install a Temperature & Humidity Sensor on your Raspberry Pi – A Step by Step Guide

2017-08-09T15:34:40+00:00 December 30th, 2013|

This step by step guide to install a temperature&Humidity sensor on your Raspberry Pi (Revision 2 type) is  written by Bernat Torres and myself. It was an amazing experience for us!.  The prototype build in this hands-on is part of the scientific project of the secondary school in our town. It is an execellent example to show the diverse areas that comprise the current technological scenario. We didn't found any tutorial that could be followed by a secondary school students in order to build a sensor prototype like this. For this reason Bernat and I think that it will be useful for other students to sumarize our knowledge and share this hands-on. This tutorial is a taste of various current technologies in a holistic way: Electronics, Hardware, [...]