Art Gallery: Pier and a gazebo on the lake of Torre Girona

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Today, I’m glad to inform that I have opened a art gallery in this website (link) , that includes some of my latest artistic creations related with BSC and UPC. I wish to include more artworks in the future. The last one is inspired by the pier and gazebo on the lake of Torre Girona  (google maps). Yes! This is the UPC Campus Nord, where the Supercomputer Marenostrum resides! It is a luxury to work in this environment, isn’t?     My art studio: Art Gallery link:  

Talking about Cognitive Computing Platforms with Barcelona GSE Master Data Science Students

2017-08-12T16:05:48+00:00 March 9th, 2015|

Last week I gave a conference to Master Data Science students at Barcelona Graduated School of Economics.  We started talking about Big Data, the newest and one of the most exciting technologies currently available to business and society.  We pay attention that the technology is often so subtle that people have no idea that big data is actually helping make their lives easier. The talk was centered to the advent of new technologies as cognitive computing, that will have the potential to augment our reasoning capabilities and empower us to make better informed real-time decision.  Undoubtedly Cognitive Computing will change the way we work and live. Gaston Besanson was the organiser. I enjoyed being with you. Thank you Gaston for this gift! You can download the complete presentation (54 slides) from this link. [...]

Google Doctoral Fellowship in Barcelona

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Google Doctoral Fellowship in Barcelona (ref. BSC-Autonomic 02/2014) The Research Group Autonomic Systems and eBusiness Platforms  at Barcelona Supercomputing Center, invites outstanding PhD candidates to apply for one full-time PhD at UPC Barcelona Tech under the Google European Doctoral Fellowship Programme. Only high quality European PhD programs of a few European technical universities have been invited to participate in the Google Fellowships programme. Concretely UPC can only  propose two candidates for this program, so I'd invite you all to look for main program requirements and characteristics at the following link. Our research group will propose 1 PhD students to the UPC. Those of you interested to be selected by our group within this program please send to and  (with "position autonomic 02/2014") the following information (all in English) [...]

El BSC gestiona el superordenador más eficiente energéticamente en Europa

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Cada vez se requieren computadores más rápidos, pero como ya he puesto de manifiesto varias veces en este blog, no podemos continuar incrementando el consumo energético de manera ilimitada. En la comunidad científica y la industria del sector, se tiene claro que ahora los esfuerzos deben centrarse también en el consumo energético. Por ello estos días habrán podido leer en periódicos que el superordenador que el Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) puso en marcha el pasado mes de septiembre, denominado MinoTauro, es el más eficiente energéticamente de Europa (y el séptimo del mundo), según el ranking Green 500, una clasificación internacional que valora la relación entre la capacidad de cálculo de un supercomputador y su eficiencia energética. Hasta ahora la prensa sólo se hacía eco de las máquinas [...]