Open position for a Junior Research Engineer in Deep Learning at BSC

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Junior Research Engineer (RE1/RE2) Would you like to join us? Call open for a Junior Research Engineer to work in our research group at BSC-CNS . Our research group is working on Supercomputing for Artificial Intelligence, in particular right now with special focus on Deep Learning. In this context we have some projects with big companies. The open position will be assigned in one of these projects. The candidate will participate in this project and also in other ongoing exploratory research projects related with Deep Learning (and Artificial Intelligence in general) that are going on in our research group. The candidate occasionally will participate in activities around our research/teaching collaboration with UPC groups. Deadline The vacancy will remain open until suitable candidate has been hired. Applications will be [...]

A stroll through Marenostrum IV computing resources

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Enclosed you will find the slides that I used in my last visit to the Torre Girona chapel with UPC students. The slides show the awesome computational power of the Marenostrum IV supercomputer and the presentation of the architecture required to get it.  I have posted these transparencies (and photo) for my students as I promised them. But anyone who wants to know a little more about the Marenostrum can take a look at them to realize the magnitude of this supercomputer.      SLIDESHARE slides <blockquote>In reality, this post was intended for my UPC course's students, although I think it may be of interest to other students.</blockquote>

A new Supercomputer will arrive at Barcelona soon

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EN  BSC-CNS has just approved the purchase of a new supercomputer that will have a performance capacity of 13, 7 Petaflop/s and will be located in the Torre Girona chapel, home to its predecessors, the MareNostrum 1, 2 and 3. Marenostrum 4 will have two distinct parts. The general purpose element will have 48 racks with more than 3,400 nodes with next generation Intel Xeon processors and a central memory of 390 Terabytes. Its peak power will be over 11 Petaflop/s. The second element of MareNostrum 4 will be formed of clusters of three emerging technologies that will be added and updated as they become available. These are technologies currently being developed in the US and Japan to accelerate the arrival [...]

Cognitive Computing: Issues & Challenges

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  (copy of a post appeared on BSC-CNS blog) Our last newsletter issue presents the BSC view about the challenges of Cognitive Computing. Some of you asked us a more extensive explanation. Here we go! Cognitive Computing? Intelligent systems are mainstream now in most industries [1]. They use artificial intelligence, natural language processing, machine learning, artificial neural networks, streaming analytics, unstructured data and Internet of Things, among many other techniques and technologies. Many of the technologies and events of the every day’s life are directly or indirectly influenced by these intelligent systems. Furthermore, the use of these intelligent systems will impact our society massively: new medical models for personalized medicine, cars with cruise control, drones or robots of all types, etc. We are at the dawn of a new [...]

Cognitive Computing and BSC: Strategic Positioning View

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  from: BSC -CNS Newsletter Issue 12: March 2016 (PDF version, 2.8Mb) We are entering into an extremely exciting period for interdisciplinary research, where ecosystems like the ones found at BSC, will evolve to cope with new challenges. Cognitive Computing, the next big thing in Big Data, represents a great opportunity for each and every one of us at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. We are now at a turning point in the history of computing. Throughout its short history, computing has undergone a number of profound changes which can be thought of as waves. In its first wave, computing made numbers computable. The second wave made text and rich media computable and digitally accessible. We are now experiencing a third wave that will also make context computable. This will [...]

In Memoriam – Nacho Navarro, 1958-2016

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I'm very sad to share with you in this blog the passing of my friend and colleague Nacho Navarro. Few days ago Nacho suddenly died from a heart attack at the age of 58. I'm sure that many of the readers of this blog remember Nacho. Nacho was a wonderful person and an exemplary member of our university community. First of all, my sincere condolences to Nacho’s family and friends. However, Nacho has left a great legacy and for this reason BSC and UPC are organizing a homage event for Nacho. It will be an "in memoriam" event next Friday March 18th, at 15:00, in Vertex building, UPC, Placa Eusebi Guell 6, Barcelona. It will consist of many small interventions, with sharings, experiences, anecdotes, we have had with Nacho along all these years. In case you have a contribution to share during the session, please let [...]

What we mean by/Qué queremos decir con “High-Performance Big-Data Analytics”?

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    ES    Hoy en día nos encontramos inmersos en un nuevo proceso en el que las "cosas" pasan del mundo físico al mundo digital y son accesibles desde cualquier dispositivo electrónico. El Cloud Computing es lo que hace posible que la tecnología digital penetre en todos los rincones de nuestra economía y la sociedad. Este nuevo escenario no sólo permite a los usuarios conectarse a través de sus dispositivos móviles al mundo digital que se avecina, sino que empieza también a permitir la conexión de cualquier objeto o dispositivo. Esto causará un diluvio de información digital, que se conoce como Big Data. Existen actualmente diferentes frameworks Big Data de código abierto que proporcionan los medios para lidiar con este diluvio de datos. Estos frameworks permiten abstraer [...]

El BSC vuelve a abrir sus puertas para el 48h Open House Barcelona

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  El BSC vuelve a abrir sus puertas para el 48h Open House Barcelona El BSC-CNS se adhiere por cuarto año a la jornada 48h Open House Barcelona, que tiene como objetivo la divulgación del patrimonio arquitectónico de la ciudad. Durante el fin de semana del 25 y 26 de octubre abrirán las puertas de forma gratuita unos 150 edificios. Torre Girona, concretamente la capilla que alberga el supercomputador MareNostrum, estará abierta al público el sábado 24 de octubre de 10 a 19 horas para mostrar a los visitantes el interior de la capilla y para explicar la investigación que se realiza en el BSC-CNS. La visita contará, además, con la participación de 5 investigadores que harán una presentación del centro y de la labor científica que se desarrolla. No os [...]

New Big Data position in our research group: Junior Developer in multimedia big data analytics

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Hi, are you interested to join BSC team? BSC-CNS (Barcelona Supercomputing Center – Centro Nacional de Supercomputación) is the National Supercomputing Facility in Spain and manages MareNostrum, one of the most powerful supercomputers in Europe. Currently we are over 400 staff from 41 countries.  To get an idea of what its like to work at the BSC take a look at this video: Attached you will find information of a new position in our research group autonomic systems and ebusiness platforms at BSC. The candidate will be incorporated at full-time to the "Autonomic Systems and eBusiness Platforms" research line from BSC. Candidate's main task will be oriented toward the development and support for the assigned tasks to the research group in the Computer Vision and Big Data Analytics [...]

Barcelona Spark Meetup: Nueva temporada de actividades otoño-invierno 2015/16

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Este mes de Octubre empezamos nueva temporada del Barcelona Spark Meetup con más de 900 miembros. Gracias a todos por vuestro soporte al meetup!. A continuación podéis ver la lista de actividades programadas para esta nueva temporada otoño-invierno. Empezamos en Octubre con una conferencia excepcional de Chris Fregly del  IBM Spark Technology Center de San Francisco en California. Todo un honor para Barcelona tener a Chris entre nosotros.  Recordar que a finales de Octubre hay el primer Spark Summit en Europa. Si estáis interesados en asistir y sois miembros de nuestro meetup podéis obtener un descuento del 10% usando el código . Para Noviembre hemos organizado un meetup conjuntamente con el Barcelona R Users Group y el Barcelona Machine Learning Study Group para hablar de la combinación de Spark, R y Machine Learning. Para este encuentro tenemos el lujo de disponer de [...]

Marenostrum visit with Supercomputer Architecture students

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Enclosed you will find some pictures of our visit with David Vicente. Thank you David for the explanations. we really enjoyed the visit an it will be very useful for my course. Now, you can see some pictures from last year visit with Sergi Girona. Thank you Sergi for your explanations, we really enjoyed the visit and was an excellent introduction to the course.

Our research group at BSC is opening 2 Positions to collaborate with research project

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  If you are interested to join BSC now you have an opportunity in one of the two open positions. POSITION 1:  Junior Developer The candidate will be incorporated at full time to the "Autonomic Systems and eBusiness Platforms" research line from BSC. Candidate's main task will be oriented toward the development and support for the assigned tasks to the research group in the ASCETiC project funded by the European Commission in its 7th Frame Program. Two types of tasks can be differentiated: Tasks supporting project management: the candidate must collaborate in the daily project management. This includes the organization/attendance of/to conference calls, travelling to project meetings, preparation of presentations, deliverables writing, etc. Tasks supporting technical developments: the candidate must collaborate in the design and implementation of [...]