New Deep Learning for Artificial Intelligence MSc course in Barcelona

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Deep Learning for Artificial Intelligence Master Course at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Autumn 2017) Deep learning technologies are at the core of the current revolution in artificial intelligence for multimedia data analysis. The convergence of large-scale annotated datasets and affordable GPU hardware has allowed the training of neural networks for data analysis tasks which were previously addressed with hand-crafted features. Architectures such as convolutional neural networks, recurrent neural networks or Q-nets for reinforcement learning have shaped a brand new scenario in signal processing. This course will cover the basic principles of deep learning from both an algorithmic and computational perspectives.  Complete learning systems in different Deep Learning frameworks and platforms will be introduced via hadns-on, projects and assignments. You will learn to solve new classes of problems [...]

Deep Learning at UPC with Oriol Vinyals & Joan Bruna

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Today we had a great event, the first seminar on Deep Learning organised by UPC, TelecomBCN, FIB, CFIS and BSC. Thanks Joan and Oriol, It has been impressive!  Enclosed you will find some pictures of his visit! Here you can download the slides of Joan Bruna and here the video of the talk. As soon as I receive the presentation of Oriol I will post the links here too. Huge audience! (photo Sebastià Xambó) (photo Joan Bruna) (photo GabrielOliveira) Two great speakers: (photo Sebastià Xambó) (photos Joan Capdevila) (photos Jordi Torres) Presenters: (photos Joan Capdevila) Meetings with UPC students:(photo Xavier Giro-i-Nieto) Marenostrum visit: (photo Jordi Torres) With (his) former Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics (photo Sebastià Xambó)

Seminar on Deep Learning at UPC with Oriol Vinyals and Joan Bruna

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We (UPC, TelecomBCN, FIB, CFIS and BSC) are proud to invite you to our first seminar on Deep Learning organized at UPC, next May 23th at 11:00, with the talks of two outstanding speakers: Joan Bruna (UC Berkeley) and Oriol Vinyals (Google DeepMind). Do not miss this great event happening in Barcelona.  And if you are interested in Deep Learning, we are also preparing  a Deep Learning for Computer Vision Summer Seminar  in Barcelona next 4-8 July 2016 ( more info at  http://TelecomBCN.DeepLearning.Barcelona). UPDATE: Photographs of the event here When: Monday  May 23, 11:00-13:00 Place: Aula Màster -  A3 building - UPC Campus Nord - Barcelona Talks: 11:00: Convolutional Neural Networks against the Curse of Dimensionality by Joan Bruna (UC Berkeley).  Convolutional Neural Networks are a powerful class of non-linear representations that have shown through numerous [...]

In Memoriam – Nacho Navarro, 1958-2016

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I'm very sad to share with you in this blog the passing of my friend and colleague Nacho Navarro. Few days ago Nacho suddenly died from a heart attack at the age of 58. I'm sure that many of the readers of this blog remember Nacho. Nacho was a wonderful person and an exemplary member of our university community. First of all, my sincere condolences to Nacho’s family and friends. However, Nacho has left a great legacy and for this reason BSC and UPC are organizing a homage event for Nacho. It will be an "in memoriam" event next Friday March 18th, at 15:00, in Vertex building, UPC, Placa Eusebi Guell 6, Barcelona. It will consist of many small interventions, with sharings, experiences, anecdotes, we have had with Nacho along all these years. In case you have a contribution to share during the session, please let [...]

Acte de presentació del nou llibre INTRODUCCIÓN A APACHE SPARK para programar el Big Data

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En nom dels autors em complau informar-vos en primícia de la presentació del llibre INTRODUCCIÓN A APACHE SPARK para empezar a programar el Big Data de l'editorial UOC . Es tracta del primer llibre sobre Apache Spark escrit en castellà amb el suport de MATEI ZAHARIA (creador d'Spark, CTO a Databricks i vicepresident d'Apache Spark) que n'ha escrit el pròleg . L'acte serà presentat per ALEIX RUIZ DE VILLA ,director Data Science de La Vanguardia, i comptarà amb la participació de MARC TORRENT, Director del Big Data Center of Excellence Barcelona, entitat organizadora del BIG DATA CONGRESS que es celebra el mateix dia a Barcelona i en el marc on es presenta aquest llibre sobre el Big Data. Us esperem dimarts, 3 de novembre a les 19.00 h., a l'Aula Master de l'edifici A3 [...]

Scholarships for MSc students on the MIRI MSc Program in Barcelona-UPC

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Hi, are you interested to enrol in the Master in Innovation and Research in Informatics and take my course Supercomputers Architecture (specialization High Performance Computing)? BSC, under the program Severo Ochoa is offering 4 scholarship grants for the 2 academic years of the program. Follow the link below to the application form. Hope to see you next september, we will talk about Supercomputers and Big Data! Since 2013, in the context of the Severo Ochoa Program, Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC-CNS) is offering 4 scholarship grants for MSc students on the MIRI MSc Program in Facultat d’Informàtica de Barcelona-UPC who have chosen to study the High Performance Computing Specialization. The duration of each scholarship is for the 2 academic years of the program. This year´s scholarships are  for the MIRI HPC MSc starting September [...]

Conferència: Present i futur del Big Data

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Gràcies a tots i a totes per l'acollida de la conferència del proper dilluns dins dels actes del 1r aniversari del Barcelona Spark Meetup. Hem canviat de sala per donar més cabuda i ara la conferència serà a la sala d'Actes del Vèrtex ( UPC - Campus Nord - Edifici Vèrtex, Planta S-1). Plaça Eusebi Güell, 6 , Barcelona (map) dilluns 15 de juny de 18:00 a 19:00. Parlarem del Big Data i les seves implicacions, fent una referencia especial a la technologia Apache Spark, que ha vist una ràpida adopció per les empreses d'una àmplia gamma de sectors. Intentarem explicar el perquè de tot plegat donant una visió introductòria des d'un punt de vista tècnic debatent alhora les implicacions de l'aparició d'aquesta nova tecnologia. La presentació serà en català però les [...]

Décimo aniversario del BSC: Hoy computar, mañana computar cognitivamente

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Esta semana se ha celebrado el décimo aniversario del Barcelona Supercomputing Center-Centro Nacional de Supercomputación (BSC-CNS) en el que asistieron más de 500 personas entre personal del centro e invitados del ámbito político, científico e industrial. Un acto que sirvió para confirmar la voluntad del centro de seguir trabajando al servicio de la ciencia y la sociedad. Entre muchas otras personalidades participaron en el acto la secretaria de Estado de I+D+i, Carmen Vela; el conseller de Economía de la Generalitat de Catalunya, Andreu Más-Collel; la secretaria general de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación, Maria Luisa Poncela; el rector de la Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Enric Fossas;  Antoni Castellà, secretari d' Universitats i Recerca de Catalunya; el alcalde de Barcelona, Xavier Trias; o el presidente de Repsol, Antonio Brufau. El BSC-CNS, [...]

2nd meeting of the Multimedia Big Data Computing Lab

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I was invited to attend to the 2nd meeting of the Multimedia Big Data Computing Lab (MBDCLab), chaired by Ruben Tous, a senior research member in our team. The meeting took place on Monday 16th, at UPC Campus Nord. The MBDCLab is an ad-hoc interest group of people working on topics related to distributed computing systems that enable massive scale image and video analytics in real-time. While the most part of efforts related to Big Data are nowadays focusing on text-based big data analytics, multimedia data, which makes up about 2/3 of internet traffic, provide unprecedented opportunities for understanding and responding to real world situations and challenges. Most current big data systems are very restrictive as then cannot handle data types other than text or numbers. The [...]

David Carrera selected for ERC Starting Grant

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David Carrera, one of the senior researchers in our research group, have been selected for a prestigious European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant, for his project Holistic Integration of Emerging Supercomputing Technologies (Hi-EST). This first Starting Grant competition under the EU's Horizon 2020 programme awards early-career talent to develop their ambitious high-risk, high-gain research projects. David received the MS degree in 2002 and his PhD in 2008 and since then he has been leading several EU and industrial research projects in our group. David is an outstanding researcher, a Messi in our research group!. Congratulations David! Et mereixies aquest reconeixement! Ets el millor!  

Seminario sobre Big Data y Cloud en la UPC

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La próxima semana, dentro de los seminarios de la asignatura CLC-MIRI (uno de los cursos que imparto este cuatrimestre ) en la Facultad de Informática de Barcelona (UPC) , tenemos el placer de tener con nosotros nuevamente a Tiago Henriques, Arquitecto de Soluciones de la empresa Amazon Web Services, que vendrá a compartir su experiencia y conocimientos avanzados en Cloud Computing y Big Data con mis alumnos.  Cómo de costumbre, los seminarios de mis asignaturas son abiertos a toda la comunidad académica de la UPC y comunidad científica relacionada con el Barcelona Supercomputing Center donde investigamos en estos temas. Incluso esta vez nos acompañarán estudiantes de bachillerato que aprovecharan para visitar la UPC (un verdadero lujo para todos nosotros su presencia). Si alguien que no sea de la UPC o BSC [...]