will take place on 17-18 November 2014 in Barcelona, at UPC Barcelona Tech campus, right before Strata. It will be the first ever international conference dedicated to Predictive APIs and Predictive Apps.

We want to become an open forum for technologists and researchers on distributed, large-scale machine learning services and developers of real-world predictive applications.

We aim at seeding highly technical discussions on the way common and uncommon predictive problems are being solved. However, we want PAPIs to be an eminently hands-on conference.

In this first edition, we will focus on the pragmatic issues and challenges that companies on the trenches must face to make predictive APIs and applications a reality, and add academic tracks on future editions, once we understand them better.

So if you are working on an interesting Predictive API or Application and want to show the rest of the world your new advancements or discuss the challenges that you are facing please send us your proposal(Call for Proposals is open until 8 October 2014).

Predictive APIs and Applications cover a wider area of application than Recommender Systems. Therefore, their impact in our everyday’s life will be orders of magnitude higher and affect more industries than we can now imagine. So please don’t miss the opportunity to join this nascent community early on.

See you all at PAPIs in Barcelona!!!

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