New position in Big Data area at BSC

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Our research group at BSC is opening 1 Positions as a Junior Developper in Big Data area Our Autonomic Systems and e-Business Platforms  research group offers a transversal junior developer position to work both on the Human Brain project and under the Severo Ochoa programme. Human Brain is a project funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union that aims to build completely new information computing technology infrastructure for neuroscience and for brain-related research. Under the Severo Ochoa programme, the BSC is carrying out multidisciplinary research to address the complex challenges in the path towards Exascale computing, co-developing energy efficient and high performance hardware and software platforms with applications in personalised medicine, modeling of human organs, and global models for climate change and air quality [...]

An opportunity to visit the supercomputer Marenostrum

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BSC opens its doors on Saturday 19nd October from 11am-7pm inviting people to discover the supercomputer MareNostrum and what lies behind this smart machine following the initiative of Barcelona city hall called 48 Open House Barcelona . The 48H Open House Barcelona activities program is built around the broad and qualitative network of buildings that will open their doors to the public.  For more information contact Oriol Riu ( El próximo sábado 19 de octubre, se volverá a celebrar una jornada de puertas abiertas enmarcada en la segunda edición del 48 Open House Barcelona . Se trata de una iniciativa en la que se abren al público edificios emblemáticos en Barcelona, entre ellos Torre Girona. Así, los ciudadanos interesados en participar en un tour guiado por la [...]

Guest Lectures at System Performance Evaluation course

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Two excellents researchers from UPC/BSC accepted to give a guest lecture at System Performance Evaluation course  next Wednesday October 9th (17:00, UPC campus nord). Thank you Josep Ll and Nico! Both presentations are closely related to the content of the part of this course I teach and will be a great gift for my students. How I usually do, guest lectures in my courses are open to the university community. If any of you are interested in attending contact with me. 1. Power-aware Multi-DataCenter Management using Machine Learning by Josep Ll. Berral is finishing his Ph.D at UPC. His current research work focuses on applications of machine learning towards energy-efficient computing (green computing), quality of service on web-services, and autonomic Cloud applications management. 2. Web Service Memory [...]

Aeneas: A tool that enables application to use effectively Non-Relational databases

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Aeneas is a highly configurable tool to support the design of data management code for applications using non-relational databases. The user can configure this tool by providing the data model, the query parameters, and the performance metrics that he wants to evaluate. Then, Aeneas automatically generates the code to define the specified data model, to insert and to retrieve the data, and to evaluate the performance of accessing these data. The current implementation of Aeneas only supports the Apache Cassandra database. However, notice that the modularity of Aeneas makes it easy to add di­fferent modules to support di­fferent databases. Aeneas is developed at BSC under the program Severo Ochoa and at the moment it is available for internal use in our center. However we expect in the [...]

Our research group at BSC is opening 2 PhD Student Positions to collaborate with research project related with IBM

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Positions :  2 PhD Student Closing Date:  Saturday, 31 August, 2013 Research group: Autonomic Systems and e-Business Platforms BSC under the collaboration agreement with IBM are conducting research and development projects around the “Technology Center for Supercomputing” for providing education for new professionals and for developing common communication, commercial initiatives and marketing partnership in order to create market interest in IBM and BSC technologies. The Autonomic Systems and eBusiness Platforms research group is looking for a PhD Student to collaborate with research project related with IBM. For more details for each position: PhD Student Sow SDEs PhD Student Sow BGAS For more information, please contact with

Our research group is opening 2 Support Engineer position for projects funded by EU in the 7th frame program

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Positions:  2 Support Engineer Closing Date:  Saturday, 31 August, 2013 Research group: Autonomic Systems and e-Business Platforms Our group is looking for 2 candidates with adequate background for a support engineer position in the context of the 2 projects funded by the European Commission in its 7th Frame Program. Follow the following links for more details: Support Enginner ASCETiC Support Engineer RenewIT For more information, please contact with

Latest version of the OPTIMIS toolkit for implementation of cloud services released

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The OPTIMIS toolkit, which helps users such as service and infrastructure providers, software developers and end-users build and run applications in the cloud, has released its latest version available for download. The new toolkit, developed by Barcelona Supercomputing Center-Centro Nacional de Supercomputación (BSC) researchers in collaboration with thirteen other European partners, can help users create their own digital IT infrastructures. This toolkit is the final result of the OPTIMIS European project, funded under the 7th Framework Program. The project started in 2010 and is approaching now its Final Review Meeting, in Brussels from July 4 th -5 th. The partners participating in this project are: ATOS (Coordinator), Umea University (Technical Coordinator), University of Leeds, HLRS, Fraunhofer-SCAI, ICCS, British Telecom, City University, Arsys Internet, The 451 Group, Hannover [...]

Four grants for MIRI MSc Program (HPC specialitzation)

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This year, BSC-CNS is offering 4 scholarship grants for MSc students on the MIRI MSc Program in FIB, UPC for the HPC specialization. The duration of each scholarship is for the 2 academic years of the program starting September 2013. Successful candidates will have the opportunity to join research groups with top-level scientists and will carry out their MSc thesis research in cutting-edge areas of Supercomputing, HPC or the application areas of Life Sciences, Earth Sciences and Computer Applications in Science and Engineering. Available Scholarships: 2 scholarships contributing to fees: 3200 euros/per annum each 1 scholarship contributing to fees / accommodation: 6000 euros/per annum 1 scholarship for international (non EU) citizen: 12000 euros/per annum For more information, please send an email to

Are you interested to join our research group? International PhD program fellowships BSC-La Caixa

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If yes, please check the "International PhD program fellowships BSC-La Caixa". If you could be interested  to join my group through this program to work in the Big Data and Cloud Computing, please contact me at   Closing Date:  Thursday, 7 March, 2013 (Extended deadline) . . Job Description:  Since 1982, the “la Caixa” Foundation has offered several fellowship programmes aimed at allowing students to undertake postgraduate studies in Spain and abroad. Over the years, thousands of students have advanced their training thanks to a “la Caixa” Foundation fellowship. In 2008, the “la Caixa Foundation launched a new programmed aimed at national and international students. As part of this programme, each year fellowships are awarded to students who wish to complete work toward their doctoral degrees. [...]

Barcelona tendrá un nuevo Supercomputador: Marenostrum 3

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Con este titular de portada hoy el periódico La Vanguardia dedica sus páginas centrales al nuevo supercomputador que se pondrá en marcha en el Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) dentro de unas semanas. En estos link (página 32 y página 33) pueden encontrar la noticia. Se la recomiendo si quieren saber más detalles de la máquina, su utilidad y de la persona que ha puesto Barcelona en el mapa de la Supercomputación mundial. Sin duda una gran noticia, no lo duden, la investigación general valor.

El supercibercerebro en Barcelona

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Esta semana La Vanguardia ha dedicado un amplio reportaje (y la editorial) al BSC, poniendo el foco en el magnífico trabajo de uno de mis compañeros y amigo, Àlex Ramirez. Si no han tenido la oportunidad de leerlo se lo recomiendo.  un trabajo excelente el que está desarrollando y que tendrá un gran impacto. Agradezco sinceramente este reconocimiento del trabajo que se realiza en nuestra universidad y nuestro centro de investigación por parte de a La Vanguardia. La Vanguardia siempre nos ha apoyado,  publicando desde hace años nuestros artículos de opinión que aparecen periodicamente, pero este amplio reportaje y editorial es muy importante en momentos de recortes, donde se debe "separar el gra de la palla" (separar el grano de la paja),  como siempre dicen mis sabios [...]

Reconocimiento al BSC

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Para mi ha sido una gran alegría ver como el director del Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC-CNS), Mateo Valero, y el director asociado, Francesc Subirada, han recogido de manos del presidente de la Generalitat, Artur Mas, el Premio Nacional al partenariado público-privado en I + D.  Un galardón que reconoce la colaboración en temas de I + D entre el BSC e IBM, una trayectoria que se remonta al año 2000, cuando Mateo Valero, junto con los actualnes directores de Computer Science del BSC Jesús Labarta y Eduard Ayguadé empezaron a tejer la colaboración con IBM.  ¡Felicidades a todos! Un reconocimiento muy merecido.