Machine Learning Meetup in Barcelona: 1000+ members!!!

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I am very glad to inform you that we were awarded with the prestigious new tag “1000+ members”!!!!! The Grup d’Estudis de Machine Learning de Barcelona (GEMLeB - Machine Learning meetup in Barcelona), is an organization devoted to understand, discover and promote the use of Machine Learning in Barcelona, through an informal environment. As many other machine learning meetups, regular meetings are organized with a two-fold objective: learn about machine learning (from experiences, applications to algorithms, models and theory) and meet people with similar interest to build a wide and supporting community. If you ever come to Barcelona and want to meet the community, please do not hesitate to contact us! On behalf of the organisers, thank you for your support to this meetup! Aleix Ruiz De Villa, Anna [...]

The Machine Learning Summer School 2016

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One of the great things at BSC-CNIS is that there's always something new to learn  in order to respond to a fast-paced world; you can't really fall into a set routine if the goal of the center is to be always ahead. It is true that my role has changed: I don't write code that ends up with packages at BSC-CNS, I have a higher-level view, however spend some time learning is mandatory. For Computer Science department at BSC-CNS it is important to gradually go beyond the supercomputing architectures and runtimes research habitual fields.  We have been recently incorporated new threads of research in the execution middleware’s for big data arena. However my goal at BSC-CNS is to make a step forward and include in our research roadmap platforms for Machine Learning on [...]

¡Google ofrece más Machine Learning a los desarrolladores!

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Google acaba de anunciar en su blog nuevas herramientas de Machine Learning para  desarrolladores disponibles como un servicio más en su plataforma Google Cloud  a través de APIs. En el blog se indica que es exactamente la misma tecnología que está detrás de productos como Google Now o Google Photos, permitiendo a los desarrolladores construirse potentes modelos Machine Learning usando TensorFlow, además de ofrecer modelos preentrenados a través de Google Translate API,  Cloud Vision API o Google Cloud Speech API. Si juntamos esto con su servicio Cloud Dataproc que permite la gestión de procesos tanto de Hadoop como de Spark,  realmente los desarrollador e investigadores tenemos ahora mismo una potente y completa plataforma de procesado Big Data. Si tienen dos minutos les recomiendo este video insertado en su blog, para hacerse una idea a través de un simple robot realizado con una [...]

Barcelona Spark Meetup: Nueva temporada de actividades otoño-invierno 2015/16

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Este mes de Octubre empezamos nueva temporada del Barcelona Spark Meetup con más de 900 miembros. Gracias a todos por vuestro soporte al meetup!. A continuación podéis ver la lista de actividades programadas para esta nueva temporada otoño-invierno. Empezamos en Octubre con una conferencia excepcional de Chris Fregly del  IBM Spark Technology Center de San Francisco en California. Todo un honor para Barcelona tener a Chris entre nosotros.  Recordar que a finales de Octubre hay el primer Spark Summit en Europa. Si estáis interesados en asistir y sois miembros de nuestro meetup podéis obtener un descuento del 10% usando el código . Para Noviembre hemos organizado un meetup conjuntamente con el Barcelona R Users Group y el Barcelona Machine Learning Study Group para hablar de la combinación de Spark, R y Machine Learning. Para este encuentro tenemos el lujo de disponer de [...]

Barcelona Supercomputing Center starts to work on Deep Learning

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What is Deep Learning? We can consider Deep Learning as a new area of Machine Learning research with the objective of moving Machine Learning closer to Artificial Intelligence (one of its original goals).  Our research group has been working in Machine Learning for a long time thanks to Ricard Gavaldà who introduced us in this wonderful world. It was during the summer of 2006, also with Toni Moreno, Josep Ll. Berral, Nico Poggi. Unforgettable moments! However, after 8 years we will make a step forward and start to work with Deep Learning. It was during a group retreat held last September when I realise that "Deep Learning"  was an interesting topic thank you to  Jordi Nin. Deep Learning comes from Neural nets conceived in the 1940s, inspired by the [...]